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Platform Engineering Dies in 4 Weeks

I’ve looked at 100s of platform engineering setups in the last 2 years, and the ones that fail always have the same things in common. And it has nothing to do with their tech or tools.

Most Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) fail because most platform teams don’t have the right processes to get stakeholders on board with their initiative. And if they do get stakeholders on board, they’re not able to prove value to them quick enough to prevent the initiative from fizzling out.

So what’s the answer? It’s simple… Minimum Viable Platforms (MVPs). This lets you take the huge, complicated, and open ended question of platform engineering and narrow it down, so you can prove value fast and get moving.

Following the four phase MVP process, an engineering organization could deliver a first platform in as little as four weeks (depending on how fast your boss replies to your email of course😉). 

Whether it takes a 1 week, or 1 month per phase. This process let’s get your first platform in a matter of weeks, and not years. And massively reduces risk and potential cost.

What you’re building here is a representative case for what your Internal Developer Platform would be. The goal here is to move as fast as possible, and prove value, so that you can then expand.

Sounds pretty good right? This is exactly how to do it.

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