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The State of Platform Engineering in 2023

Humanitec has just released the State of Platform Engineering Volume 2 and oh boy does it have some interesting things in there. Last year, it focused heavily on understanding the emergence of platform engineering with a large focus on just how big and how fast the platform engineering community (and space) was growing.

This year, it’s even bigger. Volume 2 includes information on the first ever platform maturity model, a more in-depth look at the scale and permeance of platform engineering (just how far have we come?), and a deep dive into everyone’s favorite part - the numbers.

With data from over 200+ platform engineers, the whitepaper breaks down everything from salary comparisons to usage of AI and years of experience

Do platform engineers still make more than DevOps, and by how much? How impactful is AI on the platform engineering space? Are titles still chaos? How experienced is the average platform engineer? And what areas are they actually focusing on?

The whitepaper covers a much broader focus this year, since there are so many newcomers to the space. What does that mean? Well, if you’re an engineer looking to further your career, or a tech leader investigating whether platform engineering is right for you; I truly think that there is no better resource available out there right now to better understand the current platform engineering landscape. 

Here’s a little sneak peak.

Quick bites

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