Hey there! This is Platform Weekly, your weekly dive into the wide world of platform engineering. Special guest writer, my friend and colleague platform master Mathieu Benoit breaks down everything platform engineering this years KubeCon Europe.

Platform Engineering takes over KubeCon

This platform weekly is from Mathieu Benoit’s article Platform Engineering @ KubeCon Paris 2024

KubeCon Paris 2024 just ended! That was my 3rd KubeCon in-person, 2nd as both Cloud Native Ambassador (CNA) for the CNCF and Customer Success Engineer for Humanitec.

Without any surprise, Platform Engineering was again a big topic of discussion during KubeCon Paris 2024. And yes, AI/ML was everywhere too. But both are not incompatible! ;)

In comparison to the previous KubeCon Chicago 2023, I saw less talks and discussions about the building blocks of the Platforms, but instead KubeCon Paris 2024 was more about the capabilities and the interfaces with the Platforms. The focus was more about customers stories and best practices around Platform-as-Product and UX. Which I really appreciate!


  • The TAG App Delivery and the WG Platforms did an amazing work to nurture and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing with the community.
  • The first ever PE Day was a huge success!
  • Platform Engineering was not only mentioned during the PE Day, but also across different other events.
  • PE talks are not just anymore about toolings and building blocks, the community is elevating the discussion with best practices around Platform-as-Product, the UX of Platforms, etc.
  • Yes, AI/ML was everywhere too, but at the end of the day you need a solid Platform Engineering practice to be successful with it ;)

There is way more to absorb than just this TLDR. From lists of all platform engineering talks to Matthieu’s awesome work at KubeCon. Read the full article here.

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