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Have a platform story? I have 35,000 ears

It’s now been almost 1 month since we officially launched registrations for PlatformCon24 and the numbers are to put it delicately - effing INSANE. If these current numbers hold (based on the last two years, it’s likely they will), we’re estimating almost 35,000 registrations to PlatformCon24…

That makes it hands down the largest platform engineering event in the world.

To serve all those platform engineering fans, or as I like to call us, #PlatformNerds, we’re going to need some pretty awesome talks. Luckily, we’ve already already got almost every big name in the space from Gregor Hohpe and Nicki Watt, to Paula Kennedy and my friend and colleague Mallory Haigh. That still leaves a LOT of space though. 

With 5 days of sessions, incl a day dedicated to Opensource and workshops? We need more.


Last year, we got 100s and 100s of submissions and I honestly had a blast watching them all, and I am telling you that some of the best, and most interesting talks came from this newsletter and from the Platform Engineering Slack community.

I am certain the same will be true again. Submit your proposals!

You tell the story, I’ll bring the ears🔥👂

Quick bites

Articles that blew me away: 

From the community: