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PlatformCon just got even BIGGER

Haven’t registered for PlatformCon yet? Now might be the time.

If you attended PlatformCon last year, you know it was a deluge of content. 100+ talks, and dozens of hours of content dunked on your head in a short two day span. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best way to release that much INSANE knowledge. 

This wasn’t just a challenge due to trying to absorb that much content in 2 days, it made it harder than we’d like for people to engage with speakers, and have that awesome back and forth that makes live events so awesome.

And so far… it’s looking like not just some of the biggest names in platform engineering will be there. But EVERY big name in Platform Engineering will be there.

So this year, to make sure we maximise the value we can get from speakers, not only is PlatformCon taking place over a full week (with a special Open Source day in the middle), I've just confirmed that it will have some of the coolest pre-events in the PE space.

These pre-events will include major names from across the platform engineering space, covering topics that I can confidently say I think will define how platform engineering develops over the next year.

P.S. Since this is a smaller group here on Platform Weekly, I’ll let you in on a secret. Some of those pre-events might need to be private, and first come first serve. More info to come soon🤫

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