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It's your last chance to speak at PlatformCon2024

We’re just two days away from the PlatformCon 2024 Call for Proposals closing (Monday 9am CET). There are currently over 300+ submissions and from how much my phone is blowing up with “new submission” emails, we are going to massively blast through that number.

Right now, we’ve got some of the biggest names in platform engineering - but I can tell you from what I am seeing, a good chunk of the talks I am most interested in watching are from actual practitioners.

Just like last year, the people who’ve submitted through this newsletter have submitted some AWESOME topics, and I can’t wait to watch them. 

If you’re reading this but hesitant to submit a talk, or just haven't got to it yet. DO IT. I want to see your talk! And, most likely… it’s going to be one of the submissions most PlatformCon attendees really want to see🔥

Quick bites

Articles that blew me away: 

From the community: