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5 tips to make your docs more successful

Olga Merkulova, Product Manager and Solutions Analyst

Breaking news, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, oh my!

Living in the era of information intoxication means the average person’s attention span in 2022 is ~8 seconds. No wonder it’s hard conquering readers’ attention with your documentation. That’s why it’s important to make your docs exciting and interesting to read, here’s how 👇


Find out who your reader is, when they will read your docs, and why. Keep in mind how they will find your documentation and under which circumstances.

2. Don’t start right away!

First, think about the structure of your whole documentation and determine your:

- Audience (e.g. end users, software developers, executives, sales, etc)

- Audience level of expertise

- Level of detail you need to put in

- Entry points like “How to” or “What if”.

There are a lot of free templates on the internet to help you with this process. Get inspiration from them.

3. Think about readability

This isn’t just about using bullet points. Below are several techniques of what can be used to architect information:

→ Graphs

→ Concept maps

→ Infographics

→ Short videos or screen cast

→ Mind maps

4. Get creative

If it’s possible to use images to explain, do so. We live in a global world and the less language-specific you can be, the better.

5. The rule of 10-5

This means 10 seconds of reading and 5 seconds of examining one of the readability tricks from point 3. Take into account that the average attention span is around 10 seconds, so consider switching to another way of presenting information after this period of time.

Whenever you think about documentation, think about it in terms of a software development process:

Analysis → Requirements capture → Design → Implementation → Maintenance + Version control.

This approach will help you see the big picture and make it easier to write and maintain documentation.

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