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ChatGPT for platform engineering?

ChatGPT and other AI tools will be a game changer for debugging and troubleshooting infrastructure. The days of slogging through logs, Googling error messages, or perusing manuals for fixes will soon be behind us. ChatGPT will be able to do all of it for us.

Take k8sgpt, for example. It advertises itself as a tool that diagnoses and triages your K8s clusters in simple English. While I doubt this tool will be able to replace real, human SRE expertise, it can still help teams save time and focus their efforts on more complex problems.

I can already see a future where AI can fix problems in real time, reducing the need for engineers to be on-call. And who would complain about that? Or, perhaps engineers can talk to their platforms like a sci-fi captain talks to his mothership: “Run me diagnostics.” And then it’s done.

Let me be very clear: AI is not human, and it won’t be anywhere near sentient for a long time. In the meantime, we can leverage machines to lift repetitive work and toil off our shoulders. ChatGPT isn’t creative, it's just formulated solutions based on existing information it can find. It’s impressive (and incredibly useful), but it isn’t human.

Regardless, the future of platform engineering is bright with AI. Imagine using human language to get AI to do the following:

  • Templates based on your requirements. No more looking for YAML online.
  • Templates based on another service.
  • Diagnostics and statistics:
  • “How many requests did we get from Canada in our Load Balancer?”
  • “Where is this DDoS attack likely coming from?”
  • “Give me a full post-mortem of the issue that happened yesterday.”
  • Platform Engineers configuring resources:
  • “Give me the configuration for a resource definition for an AWS bucket.” Or “Create it for me”
  • Recommendations to upsize or downsize infrastructure based on traffic.
  • Cost recommendations for your cloud providers based on your usage.

I’m really excited about the potential for AI to boost platform engineering. But what are your thoughts? Let me know on Twitter @luca_cloud.

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